Rapid-Eye Broadcast

A victim of sleep-paralysis recreates his visions in photographs

As I haven’t really been remembering my dreams lately due to business and shorter sleep cycles, here’s a treat from another Dream Life adventurer.

I have envy for his ‘condition’ as I have to exercise steps to intentionally induce sleep paralysis and the accompanying hallucinations.     

The subconscious matter churned up from our sleep experiences is a powerful source of creative ideas and inspiration. Some of mine —-> http://joshuavruggink.com


Riding on a Missile-Plane

Last weekend I had a series of vivid Hypnagogic Hallucinations that were varying degrees of lucid.

At the state of highest lucidity and vividness I decided to fly like I normally do, but after a few seconds I wondered, “What’s limiting me from going into space?”

I hopped on a nearby rocket ship (which in the dream I referred to as a ‘missile-plane’) and soared out of earth’s atmosphere. It was so vivid that now I actually feel as though I have seen earth’s curvature first-hand!

The color, lighting, etc looked very much like this:


Calvin and Hobbes Dream

Okay, I cannot even begin to explain this one… but I’m going to try anyway? Alright.

Imagine Calvin and Hobbes pulling their red wagon through the woods. It’s animated, not a comic. The animation style is like a cross between Peanuts and Paper Mario. 

Okay got that?

My POV was that of a mid-low angle from the side: very side-scroller influenced. Calvin and Hobbes were just pulling their wagon through this Paper Mario/Peanuts world…

…when BAM! Trippy special effects start invading my dream.

First they, along with their wagon multiply. So now the calvin/hobbes pulling their wagon is repeated 8 times across my view.

THEN the 8 animations shift/zoom in and out of space (keep in mind this is still very much a 2-D side view) so that the right-most calvin/hobbes/wagon animation was right in my face to the point of blurring. The left-most animation was receding so far into the background that I was barely able to make out its form. The other 6 were evenly spaced between the left animation and right animation: all together forming a diagnal stretching from far away to right in my face. It was such a weird perspective trick seeing that against a purely 2-D world.

Next several of them merged together so that there were 2-3 animations only. The merging process distorted them though so that each one barely resembled Calvin/Hobbes/Wagon. It was like they mashed together wrong and became pixelated, but if pixels were in real life and not just on a screen (3-D pixels perhaps?). 

Here’s where it gets so weird that my brain must have just short-circuited ‘cause I can’t remember beyond this: They all start moving around in really glitchy, physics-ignoring ways and then each one bursts into some sort of fractal/kaleidoscope that keeps swelling to fill up my vision until everything was blank and then Fractaling all over again.


No, I was not on ANY sort of drug when I went to bed (Nor have I ever experience a mind-altering drug (except in dreams, haha)). My dreams are often weird and unique, but this was of a sort that I’ve never had before. 

Anyone else ever experience something like this? Dream related, drug related or otherwise?

Wife’s Auditory Hallucination

My wife had an auditory Hallucination during a Hypnagogic state this morning where I said “Good morning…” In a super creepy voice.

She could not get back to sleep afterwards.

Symphony Nap

We went to the Symphony tonight and during one of the movements I propped my head up with my hand and let the music wash over me. For a brief few seconds I drifted into a hypnagogic state of consciousness.

During this I heard an auditory hallucination woven into and around the music, “The Earth can return to God, but can the Earth return to Earth?”

Hypnagogic Nap Quote

Often while I’m waiting for my wife to get ready for bed so I can tuck her in, I’ll lay down and drift in and out of a Hypnagogic sleep. When this happens I often see or hear strange things.

Tonight was, “How does structured vacation work: this one or this one?”

I’m a General in the Queen’s Army…

…The kingdom is under siege and our troops are scattered by a malicious sorceress.

I am disguised in civilian garb and protecting the Queen’s little daughter (maybe about 7 yrs old); the heir to the throne is safe under my watchful eye.

A curse falls over the land and all of the hounds begin turning into zombie dogs.

Soon it will be time to flee into the woods.

As day breaks, acidic mortars rain from the clouds.

Were it not for my protective general’s cloak the princess and I would be doomed.

I change my mind about fleeing and we charge back towards the kingdom’s main city. I must put an end to the sorceress’ foul magic - single handed if I must.

Upon arriving back at the royal gate I understand (perhaps too little, too late) the full gravity of our situation. The sorceress has a full army - clad in green armor and festering magic.
They charge out to meet me in battle; their numbers would overwhelm me even if I had an army of my own. Yet it is only the little girl and myself and we are doomed, but I will not go down without a fight.

In the chaos of sundering their dusky green armor I barely notice our salvation arrive: The Queen’s father has come with an army that makes even the invaders’ seem impotent by comparison.


In the wake of battle I emerge nearly unscathed with the princess completely unharmed. The remnant of the sorceress’ army has surrendered and is being led away. 

I notice their top commander still in full armor and on his knees, surrounded by our own troops. A soldier from our army is about to slide a dagger through the man’s visor…

"No! He’s surrendered. Why would you do that?!" I yell, rushing in to stop what I perceive to be an unjust execution.

my own soldiers look bewildered, “Sir, we’re only following royal protocol with the ceremonial blade. Then he’ll begin the official statement of surrender.”

Too late to avoid embarrassment, I remember that the ceremonial blade retracts into its hilt and does no damage. Merely a symbolic gesture of defeat. I attempt to regain my composure, “Ah yes, I… forgot exactly precisely how that works. heh heh.” (‘exactly precisely’ is what I said in the dream)

My soldiers laugh, poke a little fun, and assure me that they won’t let me forget about my little outburst. Still, today has ended better than I could have expected considering its beginnings.


Stumbled Across my Old Dream Journal

"Nothing hurts worse than a personal disease - taking life for granted and jumping off trees."

"You can’t look a dead sentence in the eye."

"It’s like a tractor in the sun."

"There were a lot of trees on that tree."

"Are those exit diamonds?"


I love reading through old dream journal entries.